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What is an immediate denture?

If you have been advised by a dentist to have some or all your teeth taken out, an immediate denture may have been recommneded.

An immediate denture has been constructed before your teeth have been removed, on the day of the extractions the denture is ready to be inserted by your dentist.

This way you do not have to go with ou teeth.

We offer high-quality services at affordable prices and will ensure that you always have dentures that will last. Using the latest technology and techniques, we can create custom dentures that are perfectly designed, comfortable to wear, and aesthetically pleasing.

Acquiring immediate dentures

To ensure your dentures are tailored to your mouth, an impression will be taken of your natural teeth and gums before your teeth are extracted.

These impressions will then be used to create your new dentures, so you’ll never be without teeth and will be able to eat, drink and speak as normal during the healing period.

Once your gums have healed following extraction (which can take between four to six months) you will either  need a reline of your immediate denture or a new denture may be required..

It is important to reline your denture or fabricate a new denture  at this stage as hyperplastic tissue can otherwise grow into the denture, causing discomfort and other fit issues.

At Belmont Denture Clinic Pty Ltd, we will always explain the process fully before proceeding with treatment and will provide all the necessary advice you need to care for your dentures. If you look after your dentures properly, they can last for many years.

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