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    Custom made Sporting Mouthguards in Geelong from Belmont Denture Clinic

    If you play sports that pose a risk to your teeth and gums, then it’s important to protect them with a custom made mouthguard. This will drastically help reduce the risk of injury including tooth damage, lacerations of the mouth and lips during play and will assist in absorbing any impact that can result in a damaged jaw and concussion.

    Belmont Denture Clinic provides comfortable high quality mouthguards which offer this protection, and all for an affordable price. Mouthguards do not affect your breathing, so if you play sports, give us a call today to make an appointment. Mouthguards are also subject to rebates for those patients eligible under Dental Health funds. Quote Item # 151.

    Mouthguards - your child's first line of defence

    If your child plays sports, then mouthguards are particularly important, as children’s teeth and gums are more susceptible to injury. With a custom-made mouthguard, your child will be better protected and will also have increased confidence as they play. What’s more – there’s no need to wait for a referral - just contact us today to make an appointment.

    What are mouthguards made of?

    Mouthguards are made from heavy-duty, flexible, hard-wearing vinyl or laminates, and are available in a range of colours.

    Cleaning and storage

    At Belmont Denture Clinic, we are always happy to offer advice on how to maintain your mouthguards, which should be kept clean by rinsing them under cold water after use. They can also be lightly brushed and should be stored in a vented plastic container (provided) away from heat and sunlight.

    First aid tip

    If you or your child suffers a dental injury during sport, then it’s best to leave the mouthguard in place and contact your dentist immediately. Dislodged teeth should be rinsed in milk and then replaced in the socket, or kept moist and wrapped in plastic. 

    Call us today on 03 5241 6300 for more information about our mouthguards in Belmont,
    or to book a consultation.

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